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'MasterChef' recap: A fowl challenge backfires

August 15, 2013|By Rene Lynch
  • Krissi, who has been nicknamed "the Beast" by one of her competitors.
Krissi, who has been nicknamed "the Beast" by one of her competitors. (Fox )

Oh, dear. This is looking more and more like a Krissi Vs. Natasha death match. Which wouldn't be a bad thing if, you know, if ended in both of their... eliminations.

Who is the patron saint of cooking? Can we pray to him (or her) on behalf of Luca and the rest of the pack?

It says something about The Beast when Natasha comes across as the more likable of the pair, as Krissi's "fowl" plan to upend her competition backfired. (Don't these plans always backfire?) She was aiming for Luca and, of course, Natasha, even as she hypocritically suggested to Natasha that that was not the case -- and then seemingly flipped her the bird behind her back.

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Nice behavior for a woman who's always reminding the world that she's a hard-working mom raising her son by herself. Good modeling, mom!

Krissi won a T-bone steak salad with a surprisingly restrained dish that had the judges swooning. That gave her the upper hand in the next challenge, in which she was able to dole out poultry proteins to the remaining competitors. She did so shrewdly, but it only ended up casting a spotlight on the two weakest competitors in the field: Jordan and Jessie.

Jessie is actually a standout in many respects, but she has a tendency to take the easy way out when she has it. As in this week. Krissi gave Jesse chicken -- regular 'ol chicken -- a gift, as it were. But Jesse turned up a shockingly simple dish in which the chicken was dry and bland. Seriously?

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Jordan, meanwhile, was given quail. It was a disaster. It was rubbery, raw in parts, and it ultimately sent him packing. But it also led to a job offer. Judge Graham Elliot invited Jordan to work in his Chicago restaurant. Nice touch, Graham.

As Jordan was walking out the door, he predicted Natasha will be the winner. And then, he used the b-word to describe her, a word we cannot print here, but you all know what it is. Jordan used it as a compliment. Yes, she is a b-word, he said. But, he added: "You can get away with being a [b-word goes here] if you can back it up, and she can back it up."

What do you think? Will Natasha win? Or Krissi? I'm putting money on Bri, for strategic reasons. Bri, because it would be a feather in "MasterChef's" cap because a vegetarian winning adds a new dimension to the brand. Bri, because it's better for the brand to have a nice girl finish first over mean girls. And Bri, because Chef Gordon Ramsay gave her his save. What do you think? Too cynical?

Finally, no more using live birds as props, OK?


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