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15% of women report experiencing workplace bias in Gallup poll

August 16, 2013|By Emily Alpert

Fifteen percent of American women believe they have been passed over for a promotion or some other opportunity at work because of their gender, new polling from Gallup shows.

Gallup also found that 13% thought they were denied a raise at some point because they were women.

There was little difference in the answers given by women of different ages and educational levels. However, liberal women were more likely to say they had suffered such discrimination than conservative or politically moderate women, the poll showed.

Among liberal women, 23% told Gallup that their gender had caused them to miss out on a promotion or work opportunity, compared with 10% of conservatives and 13% of moderates.

"These findings reveal that there may be some political or ideological issues at play in perceptions of gender fairness in the workplace," Gallup wrote in a release describing the poll results.

Though most women did not think they had ever facedĀ unfair treatment, women were still more likely than men to think their gender had hurt them at work: Only 8% of men surveyed thought they hadn't gotten a promotion for that reason, and a mere 4% thought it stopped them from getting a raise.

The poll was conducted this month and included more than 1,000 men and women nationwide.


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