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The Times' baseball rankings

Times columnist Kevin Baxter found some compelling plot lines from past Hollywood classics for each of MLB's 30 teams. The Dodgers move into first ahead of Atlanta. Texas is now third.

August 17, 2013|By Kevin Baxter
  • The Dodgers have moved to the top of the rankings with plenty of late-inning heroics, like the one that ignited this celebration after Adrian Gonzalez scored the winning run against the Tampa Bay Rays earlier this month.
The Dodgers have moved to the top of the rankings with plenty of late-inning… (Stephen Dunn / Getty Images )

This hasn't exactly been a boffo summer at the box office. But Times staff writer Kevin Baxter found some compelling plot lines from past Hollywood classics for each of MLB's 30 teams. (Statistics through Friday's game. Last week's rankings in parentheses):


1. DODGERS | "L.A. Story": Dodgers follow surreal signs to record-breaking surge, true love. (3)

2. ATLANTA | "Gone With the Wind": In this version, Atlanta repels Northern invaders easily. (1)

3. TEXAS | "True Grit": Texas lawmen try to right wrong of team's 2011 World Series collapse. (5)

4. PITTSBURGH | "Pirates of the Caribbean": Motley, swashbuckling team seeks riches, title. (4)

5. DETROIT | "8 Mile": Tigers become unbeatable when they learn to take talent seriously. (2)

6. OAKLAND | "The Pursuit of Happyness": Lack of resources can't stop resourceful A's. (13)

7. TAMPA BAY | "Evan Almighty": Longoria plays a savior who lights up Rays' offense. (11)

8. BOSTON | "Back to the Future": Team driving toward first title since 2007. (6)

9. CINCINNATI | "Reds 2": Remake of 1981 epic has Warren Beatty battling new capitalist foes. (8)

10. KANSAS CITY | "Rudy": Inspiring tale of young, gritty team that won't give up. (7)

11. ST. LOUIS | "The Spirit of St. Louis": High-flying Cards battle to keep pennant hopes aloft. (10)


12. ARIZONA | "Snakes on a Plane": Diamondbacks hit turbulence, try to avoid crash. (12)

13. BALTIMORE | "The Birds": In update of Hitchcock film, muscular Orioles terrorize pitchers. (9)

14. CLEVELAND | "Major League": Ragtag team, veteran manager bring long-suffering fans hope. (14)

15. N.Y. YANKEES | "Sharknado": Bizarre disasters devour Yankees' pennant hopes. Enough said. (15)


16. WASHINGTON | "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington"…finds city still without title since 1924. (16)

17. N.Y. METS | "Batman 5": Wright alone (.309 average) unable to save Gotham. (19)

18. COLORADO | "The Fall of Troy": Tulowitzki hits hard times with .247 2nd-half average. (21)

19. SEATTLE | "The Wizard of Oz": Jolly GM Zduriencik can't grant wishes in this Emerald City. (20)

20. TORONTO | "Groundhog Day": Jays' playoff-less cycle grows to 21 seasons. (17)

21. MINNESOTA | "Grumpy Old Men": Film explores Twins' shrinking fan base. (18)

22. ANGELS | "Angel in the Outfield": Hamilton seeks divine intervention for hitting woes. (22)


23. SAN FRANCISCO | "They Might Be Giants": Sherlock Holmes can't solve mystery of this collapse. (25)

24. MILWAUKEE | "Despicable Me": Evil Braun and his doctor trick loyal minions. (27)

25. CHI. CUBS | "From Here to Eternity": Examines timeline to Cubs' next World Series win. (26)

26. SAN DIEGO | "Casa de mi Padre": Hijinks ensue when Will Ferrell tours Petco Park. (24)

27. PHILADELPHIA | "Up in the Air": Younger temp takes over team after old-timer is fired. (23)

28. CHI. WHITE SOX | "Eight Men Out": Team deals entire starting lineup, begins rebuilding. (28)

29. MIAMI | "Bad News Bears 2": In this version, team trades Amanda Whurlitzer. (29)

30. HOUSTON | "Apollo 13": Houston, we have a problem. (30)

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