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WWE SummerSlam: Watch Daniel Bryan lose belt right after winning it

August 19, 2013|By Chuck Schilken

WWE SummerSlam delivered more than its share of thrills Sunday night -- but it saved the most shocking for last.

John Cena entered the event as the WWE champion but lost his belt to handpicked challenger Daniel Bryan.

But Bryan didn't leave Staples Center as the WWE champion either.

As the bearded wrestler celebrated in the ring, Randy Orton's theme music started to play. Orton entered the arena carrying his Money In the Bank briefcase, which allows him to challenge for the WWE championship at any time.

Bryan urged the six-time former WWE champion to step into the ring, but Orton appeared to back off, allowing the celebration to continue.

That's when the real shocker took place. Guest referee Triple H delivered his signature Pedigree on Bryan from behind, dropping the newly crowned champ to the mat.

Orton then entered the ring and all he had to do regain the WWE belt was turn Bryan to his back. He did, Triple H declared it a pin and the crowd went nuts.

Watch all the drama unfold above (via DailyTrollingJustice).


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