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How to easily add 1 GB of free storage to Dropbox using Mailbox

August 20, 2013|By Salvador Rodriguez
  • Dropbox is giving users who connect their accounts with Mailbox 1 GB of free storage.
Dropbox is giving users who connect their accounts with Mailbox 1 GB of free… (Twitter )

Dropbox users can add one free gigabyte of cloud storage by simply connecting their accounts with Mailbox -- an email app Dropbox purchased earlier this year.

Dropbox, which starts off users with 2 GB of free cloud storage, offers users a number of ways to increase their accounts' capacity, but connecting with Mailbox appears to be one of the easiest ways users can significantly increase their space.

To do so, users simply download the app from Apple's App Store. Then, users connect their Gmail account and take an instructional tour of how the app works. Once done with the set up, users tap a three-line icon at the top left of the app, followed by "Settings." At the bottom of the page, users can tap the "Dropbox" option to connect their accounts.

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After the two have been linked, users' Dropbox accounts will be automatically updated with the additional gigabyte of storage.

Dropbox appears to be offering the free gigabyte of space to entice its users to sign up and try Mailbox. Dropbox bought the popular mailing app about a month after it launched in February.

Besides connecting with Mailbox, users can also increase their capacity by a few hundred megabytes at no cost by connecting their accounts with Facebook and Twitter, by giving Dropbox feedback and by inviting others to sign up for the cloud service.


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