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Letters: Learning to live with Limbaugh

August 20, 2013

Re “Dad, Rush Limbaugh and me,” Opinion, Aug. 18

The opinion piece makes a clear point that conservatives have known for a while: Liberals are closed-minded and will never compromise or even consider anyone else's beliefs but their own.

The author's story made it clear that her father had to compromise by giving up the hats (and how silly was that?) but she never made any offer to consider his point of view. Why didn't she agree to sit with him on the porch sipping tea while giving the show a listen to see what it was her father liked about it so much?

The only way for peace in that family was for the conservative to abandon his beliefs, not the liberal. And they call conservatives closed-minded.

Wayne S. Kreger
Santa Monica

Note to Madeline Janis: You and your father did not transcend the ideological divide — only he did.

I actually share many of her progressive leanings, but it never would have occurred to me to insist that my father give up a prized possession without at least trying to understand his point of view with sincerity.

She makes the unfounded assumption that her father is wrong politically but condescendingly “forgives” him to show her love — and then wonders why we have political polarization and gridlock.

Tom Bunzel
Los Angeles

Where's the humanity?

Would it have hurt to reach across the gulf of ideology she touts and offer comfort to a dying man to say: “Dad, even though I can't stand Rush Limbaugh, his caps mean a lot to you, so take them along because you mean more to me than my ideology.”

Miriam Jaffe
Thousand Oaks

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