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Letters: Tech's troubles

August 21, 2013
  • Microsoft is among the tech industry's biggest players struggling to navigate the changes in the way businesses and consumers are buying and using technology. In its disappointing summer earnings report Microsoft took an ugly $900-million write-down because of poor sales of its Surface tablet, above.
Microsoft is among the tech industry's biggest players struggling… (Timothy A. Clary / AFP / Getty…)

Re “Tech sector slips into a slump,” Aug. 19

Could it be that middle-class consumers have run out of money to buy the widgets of the tech companies?

Maybe the consumer is suffering from overload? Maybe they have found a way to live without all these gadgets?

These are questions we need to find solutions for — like maybe raising the minimum wage to $10 plus.

Bobby Fraker
Hacienda Heights

The cause of the tech slump is simple. The industry has traded millions of customers (jobs exported) for the hundreds of thousands of Chinese and Indians with the money to buy the products.

The tech industry has forgotten that it was the now-missing, broad American middle class that made its existence possible.

Larry Severson
Fountain Valley

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