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Will Michael Vick remain the Eagles' starter for the entire season?

August 21, 2013
  • Michael Vick has been named the Philadelphia Eagles' starting quarterback.
Michael Vick has been named the Philadelphia Eagles' starting quarterback. (Matt Rourke / Associated…)

Writers from around Tribune Co. discuss whether Michael Vick will be able to hold on to the Philadelphia Eagles' starting quarterback spot the entire season. Join the conversation by voting in the poll and leaving a comment of your own.

Sam Farmer, Los Angeles Times

If Michael Vick stays healthy… that’s a big if.

I subscribe to the theory of Arizona Cardinals Coach Bruce Arians, who says, “If you put a quarterback in harm’s way enough times, harm will come to him.” NFL defenses are going to be far better prepared for running quarterbacks, and Vick, 33, the oldest player on the roster, will have a tough time staying upright.

That said, if the Eagles can keep him healthy, Vick will hang onto his job. Chip Kelly doesn’t want to switch quarterbacks -- what coach does want to be in that position? -- and that would also require him to switch strategies, too, as Nick Foles is a different kind of player, much more of a drop-back passer.

If Vick can stay off the injured list, he’ll keep his position on the depth chart.

Nick Fierro, Allentown Morning Call

Yes. Vick should flourish in this system from start to finish, unlike 2010, when he was reinvented into an unstoppable force under Andy Reid, only to be solved near the end. The sense here is that it doesn’t happen again.

The reason is the difference between Chip Kelly's and Reid's systems. Kelly will not lean as heavily on his quarterback as Reid did. There will not be nearly as many deep throws, which deflate accuracy stats and expose quarterbacks to more danger, and there will be a healthier pass-run ratio.

Vick still has the ability to wreck defensive game plans with his mobility and has to make Kelly feel like a hypoglycemic child in a candy store with the kind of offensive talent, including quarterback, he never had at Oregon.

Aaron Wilson, Baltimore Sun

Eagles quarterback Michael Vick has played in every game only once in his career, an aberration of durability seven years ago.

Having won the starting job over Nick Foles, Vick should be able to maintain his status if he remains healthy. That's the X-factor as much as how well he orchestrates Coach Chip Kelly's high-octane offense. Kelly seems inclined to stick with his high-risk, high-reward quarterback.

Although Kelly said this isn't a one-game trial basis and Vick is the starter for the year, preseason statements could fade if Vick has his typical ebb and flow. Still, Vick appears well-suited to this offensive philosophy.

If Vick can reprise his 2010 form when he had  3,018 yards, 21 touchdowns and six interceptions with 676 yards rushing for nine scores, Kelly will be a satisfied rookie coach.

[Updated at 1:11 p.m.:

Fred Mitchell, Chicago Tribune

Here’s to your health, Michael Vick.

That’s what the Eagles must be saying as their playoff fortunes likely will be riding on Vick’s ability to answer the bell every week and deliver positive numbers throughout the season.

The players’ choice finally became the coach’s choice this week when Chip Kelly officially announced Vick had emerged as the starter ahead of Nick Foles.

From all accounts, Vick previously had won over his teammates with his skill-set, leadership and experience. Particularly for a first-year head coach in the NFL, I would think it is important to place your faith in a proven veteran who has the confidence of the rest of the team.

So it will be Vick taking center stage again, and the Eagles want him to break a leg ... figuratively speaking.]


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