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Aziz Ansari dreams of a 'Parks and Recreation'/'Scandal' crossover

August 22, 2013|By Yvonne Villarreal
  • Aziz Ansari as Tom Haverford on "Parks and Recreation."
Aziz Ansari as Tom Haverford on "Parks and Recreation." (Ron Tom / NBC )

Aziz Ansari wants to bring the Beltway to Pawnee in a scandalous way.

The “Parks and Recreation” funnyman has gotten drunk off the “Scandal” Kool-Aid — binging on the buzzy ABC drama during a break from production — and he can’t stop talking about it ... and he can't help but dream of a world where Tom Haverford (a.k.a. the Brown Ryan Gosling) mingles with Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington).

Hey, it could happen, right? It wouldn't be the first time the small-town government employees have rubbed elbows with D.C.-ers.

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“I secretly believe they are in the same universe,” he told The Times during a break from shooting the sixth season of "Parks and Recreation." “I think Harrison [Columbus Short, “Scandal”] and Tom are college roommates and they used to have an R & B group together called ... Too Much is Not E-Nuff. We have to shoot that, the crossover episode. It’s really simple: There’s some sort of issue that Leslie needs to deal with, and then Tom’s like, ‘Duh, lemme call my guy’ and then it’s like boom, boom, boom, glitter, glitter, glitter, Pope & Associates magically appear. Ann who? It’s Knope and Olivia Pope now.”

The ultimate crossover episode ever? If only it could actually be done! Ansari seems determined, though, even sending out tweets to Shonda Rhimes on Wednesday with the idea — including a truly bizarre request: Tom and Olivia dating -- further demonstrating the hold “Scandal” has taken.

Then things got real. We informed Ansari that the “Scandal” cast members live tweet during episodes, and it was like we knocked the swagger out of him: “Oh my God. I have to start following all of them. Wait. Even Mellie [Bellamy Young] does it?”

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Another Gladiator is born.

“I’m such a big fan of the show. I watched it in a few days. I was obsessed with Oliva and Fitz. I was obsessed with the voting card thing. I was obsessed with the weird naked fight. I was obsessed with everything."

But now that he's up-to-speed, the idea of enduring a wait period between episodes when the third season rolls out is still weighing heavy on his TV heart.

"I’m actually nervous about seeing it in real time -- week to week. I need, like, seven episodes at a time," said Ansari, who noted “Orphan Black” is next on his viewing list. "I need seven hours with this show in one sitting. It’s going to be really tough for me because, I mean, come on. The end of Season 2 — that was insane. I went on YouTube and typed ‘Scandal reaction video’ just to see how people watched it and freaked out. I wish someone had videotaped me watching the moment in the limo. Oh my God, I jumped like 10 feet. I was watching in my bed and my body leapt off the mattress. I was like, ‘whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?’”

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It makes for an odd awareness about his own work.

“I wonder if when people binge-watch 'Parks,' they get that same edge-of-your-seat, pearl-clutching reaction? Maybe we can get Tom to drop a ‘Dad?’ line in Season 6. He’d be like, ‘Dad? [zoom close-up on face] What’s crackin?!’”


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