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Letters: A gunshot victim's tale

August 22, 2013

Re “Here, a bullet sets the pace,” Aug. 18

Bravo. Excellent article and reporting by Thomas Curwen. Wonderful to finally see a front-page story devoted to a real local hero instead of war-ravaged areas of the world I can do nothing about.

This is the kind of story our youth and politicians need to read and see, in print and online.

I'm a true believer in the 2nd Amendment, as I own a handgun. However, this shooting is just bizarre. The stricter the gun restrictions, the better.

God bless this surgeon and his team.

Carole E. Stevens
San Diego

Great story. I have heard many of these stories from doctors in the trenches. Your reporter really captured it.

Maybe if more gun enthusiasts understood the horror of what goes on in the aftermath, we could move forward on sensible gun control. Thank you for your work. Keep it up.

Victoria Parret

Great article. Love the detail. “Why so many guns?” (The doctor's quote.) “Why so many bangers?” (My quote. )

It is not the guns but the criminals. You could outlaw all guns and the criminals would still

get them and shoot one another.

Thank god for the National Rifle Assn., or we would all lose our 2nd Amendment rights in the name of political correctness.

I am so glad there are doctors like this, but I am afraid many are doing this for the challenge. Their expertise in trauma surgery can come in handy in saving innocents and car accident victims.

Robert Price

This article, a classic, certainly proves the need for a better healthcare system.

This highly skilled operation was done in a public hospital, not a private clinic, on an unknown kid who wandered into the hospital without any medical plan or even parents to be responsible for payment. Yet they took him in and operated as though he were a multimillionaire.

What is this level of skill worth in monetary terms? What would the staff be paid if they had performed this miracle in a private hospital?

Who pays these wonderful people in this public hospital who saved this boy's life? It's the taxpayers, isn't it? Let's get Obamacare operational.

Albert V. Weaver
Newbury Park

Your extraordinary article left me with two thoughts: the disastrous decision to loosen gun control, and the almost impossible to believe dedication and skills of Dr. Brant Putnam. It feels as though you allowed us to look over Dr. Putnam's shoulder — to have, as much as possible, the experience you must have had to prepare for this story.

Steve Schlein

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