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Letters: Abusing the Patriot Act

August 23, 2013

Re “Too much information,” Opinion, Aug. 19

Thank you for the article by Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.). It's really tiresome to have Congress enact protective legislation and have the other branches of government immediately try to undermine both the spirit and the letter of the legislation.

Jeanne Mount
Beverly Hills

Sensenbrenner owes a debt of gratitude to Edward Snowden for providing him (and us) with information about the abuse of the Patriot Act. Perhaps the headline should read “Too Much Secrecy.”

Doris Isolini Nelson
Los Angeles

A couple questions regarding Sensenbrenner's Op-Ed piece about the “abuses” of the Patriot Act:

If the current administration were Republican, would he feel the same outrage? (Methinks not.) Also, as primary author of the bill, was he the one who came up with the Orwellian name Patriot Act?

Seems to be an excellent example of someone wanting to have his cake and eat it too. Or, as Orwell might have put it, “doublethink.”

Oliver McFalls

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