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Letters: End of the line for S.D.'s mayor

August 23, 2013

Re “Plan to end Filner scandal is reached,” Aug. 22

Having the citizens of San Diego pay the legal tab for Mayor Bob Filner's sexual indiscretions would be another travesty.

He should just go away quietly, having used well more than his 15 minutes of fame.

Anne Proffit
Long Beach

“The San Diego mayor will leave office in exchange for the city paying some or all of his legal fees, sources say.”

This is the perfect solution to the problem facing the city and its citizens.

When his signature is on the dotted line and he is officially removed from the employ of the city, those women who have brought lawsuits against Filner and the city should withdraw their cases, and the recall effort will not be necessary.

These women exposed his longtime indecent behavior, and the desired result will have been obtained.

No lawsuits, no city costs, and Filner is gone from public office.

Lola Moline
Los Angeles

As a San Diegan, I am concerned about what is going on regarding the mayor.

What Filner did was disrespectful and inappropriate, but the rush to judgment of the media and politicians has been almost as bad.

We need to all step back and take a deep breath.

Personally, I think that before these accusations came to light, the mayor

had done some very good things for the people of San Diego. I am sad that his vision for the city is in dire jeopardy.

Don't get me wrong: My sympathies are with the women who felt violated, and I am hoping that the mayor has learned some very valuable lessons that will stick.

Shelley Plumb
San Diego

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