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Chicago White Sox's Chris Sale attacks ice chest after bad outing

August 24, 2013|By Austin Knoblauch

Chicago White Sox starter Chris Sale had a rough night in Friday's 11-5 loss to the Texas Rangers.

The left-hander gave up eight hits and eight runs over seven innings to fall to 9-12 on the season.

But while the game was virtually meaningless for the lowly White Sox in the standings, that didn't stop Sale from taking out his frustrations on an ice chest in the dugout between innings.

Based on his arm movement during the ice-chest beatdown, Sale definitely had the strength to pitch two more innings, but his erratic technique probably is what also led to his bad night on the mound.

Still, the best thing about Sale's dugout tirade is how none of his White Sox teammates are fazed by what's going on right in front of them -- it's almost as if Sale and the ice chest are locked away in some alternate dimension of fury. And that's how the perfect dugout tirade should work. Boston's David Ortiz could learn something from Sale:


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