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Letters: Take care of the climate, or else

August 28, 2013

Re “Coastal flooding could cost cities $60 billion by 2050, study says,” Aug. 20

Annual losses of $60 billion — I'm taking bets that this is not just wrong, it will prove to be tragically wrong if we don't change our ways.

We know there is a lag between the burning of fossil fuels and higher temperatures. We are approaching tipping points after which humankind loses any control; after which science predictions have no meaning.

If we continue to be governed by a denier Congress and continue with business as usual, the losses will be incomprehensible. We will leave a ruined world to our children.

Angie Vazirian
Newport Beach

Let's assume the alarmists are right. Let's also assume every climate change policy is implemented, from cap-and-trade to mandatory limits on both commercial and personal carbon emissions, regardless of any negative economic effect.

What if these policies are so successful we overshoot targeted temperature reductions by several degrees, such that instead of going up a few degrees long term, average temperatures actually decline, even a little?

Are we prepared for shorter growing seasons, mass starvation, winter snow and ice, etc., in Los Angeles? Are we really that omnipotent?

Remember the saying: Be careful what you wish for; you may get it.

Ken Artingstall

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