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Tech gadgets to make your Labor Day holiday more enjoyable

August 30, 2013|By Jessica Naziri

Labor Day. Ah, that last holiday weekend of summer. Will you celebrate by sleeping in and lazing on the couch? Or grab a cold one and spend time with friends at a backyard barbecue?

However you spend the long weekend-- whether it's for a few days at the beach, an overnight in the mountains or a staycation, here are a few gadgets to help you enjoy the final days of summer with ease and peace of mind.

Summer's official end isn't for another few weeks, but you can use these gadgets well beyond Sept. 21.

BioLite CampStove, $130: The BioLite Wood Burning CampStove combines the benefits of a backpacking stove and an off-grid power charger so you can cook a meal while charging your gadgets at a back country campsite. The BioLite uses biomass, which decreases your carbon footprint and eliminates the need to carry the extra weight of a solar charging panel and fuel canisters.

Just imagine how relaxing your Labor Day weekend will be when you can simultaneously boil water and charge your smartphone using only firewood. Nowadays sending an emergency text message is synonymous to sending smoke signal semaphores from a hilltop.¿

This gadget is a little heavy (especially for you first-time campers), so if you think finding dry wood is tough, it may not be worth the carrying weight.

The BioLite will not power your evening’s entertainment, but that is probably a good thing anyway.

Power Dome NX, $130: Nothing will ruin your weekend getaway more than an engine problem. The Power Dome all-in-one emergency and outdoor companion can be used to jump start your car engine, pump your tires, or inflate sports equipment.

The Power Dome, which runs on recharged battery, also has a radio, AC and DC power source, USB port, audio input socket, LED light and a storage compartment. It's kind of like taking your own electric utility with you.

Trakdot Luggage Tracker, $50: What can be more stressful than a long flight? When your luggage fails to arrive with you. With the Trakdot Luggage Tracker, you don’t have to rely on anyone else to tell you where your luggage is.

After placing the black and orange plastic device on your luggage, you can check where it is with the app.

If you’ve lost your luggage before, the hefty price of $50 (includes a luggage tag and batteries), is probably worth it for the peace of mind.

G-POP, $40: Let’s just say this isn’t your father’s boombox. The G-POP Bluetooth wireless speaker and speakerphone is small enough to fit in your hand, but loud enough to charge up any Labor Day weekend party. It’s built with a rechargeable battery that allows for up to eight hours of playback.

There are lots of portable speakers on the market, but this one is lightweight and compact (about the size of an apple), which means you can toss it in your bag, purse or backpack - or clip onto a strap.

One of the features on the G-POP speakerphone is the pick-up and hang-up buttons, so you can take that important call from your boss hands free.

BackJoy Relief, $40: It's not quite high tech, but it's not a simple cushion either. The BackJoy Relief is good for those who will be traveling and sitting down for hours  and constantly moving around to find a comfortable sitting position, before getting to their final destination.

The product aims to optimize your posture by tilting your hips upright and “floating” your spine in a protective cushion above the sitting surface.

Mojo Refuel, $90: If your Labor Day plans don't involve being near a phone charger, or if you’re someone whose battery is rarely above 55% due to an overload of new apps, you might consider the Mojo Refuel removable battery case. The iPhone 5 battery case is thin and lightweight, so you always have a spare (there is an external USB charger as well).

One of the best features is that the case is eco-friendly. You don't need to replace the whole case when a battery is low, instead you can just change out the battery.

Flip-Box iceless cooler, $30: It's not exactly a high-tech gadget but there is really no way of getting around Labor Day without the latest cool cooler.

If you are on the go this weekend and spending some time in the heat, the foldable Flip-Box cooler keeps beverages cold for up to six hours without ice. It is also ideal for hot foods, retaining heat. 

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