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Letters: A picture of progress

August 30, 2013
  • L.A. Unified has begun providing iPads to students in hopes of boosting achievement. Above, Avery Sheppard, left, views a smiling Tiannah Dizadare on his L.A. Unified-provided iPad in their classroom at Broadacres Avenue Elementary in Carson.
L.A. Unified has begun providing iPads to students in hopes of boosting… (Bob Chamberlin / Associated…)

Re "L.A. Unified's iPad epoch," front-page photo, Aug. 28

I am 70 years old and experienced segregation firsthand while growing up in Washington. Once, I tried water from a fountain marked "colored" to taste what kind of liquid it dispensed, and I recall a local drugstore refusing to serve our housekeeper after we sat at the counter and ordered ice cream. My elementary school teachers walked off the job en masse when segregation was outlawed and they realized they would have to teach the "colored" children who had been attending the one-room school across the street.

But what really says progress to me is the heartwarming picture in The Times, on the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech, of that young Los Angeles Unified School District student playing with smiling classmates as they hold their district-provided Apple iPads. I smile each time I look at their beaming faces.

Ruth Kramer Ziony

Los Feliz


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