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Labor Day sky watching: Crescent moon, bright Jupiter

August 30, 2013|By Deborah Netburn
  • People watch the sky in Yangon.
People watch the sky in Yangon. (Ye Aung Thu/ AFP/Getty Images )

Looking for a Labor Day sky-watching plan? Keep your eye out for Jupiter. 

The giant gaseous planet will be the second-brightest body in the sky, after the moon, this weekend, and you won't be able to miss it, according to

The bummer for late-night partiers is that the best view of the planet will be early in the morning, some time around dawn.

But early risers will have a front-row seat to the show.

At 6 a.m. on Saturday morning, look low in the sky to the East to find Jupiter right next to a thin crescent moon.

Early Sunday morning, at about the same time of day, you'll find Jupiter shining brightly above an even thinner crescent moon, and the view should be lovely.

If you get up early enough, like 90 minutes before dawn, you may be able to see Mars, shining dimly beneath the moon. 

Happy sky watching, and happy Labor Day!

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