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Quotes from around the NBA

Brooklyn's Paul Pierce and Deron Williams chime in, as well as Indiana's Roy Hibbert and Miami's LeBron James.

December 15, 2013
  • Paul Pierce spent 15 seasons with the Boston Celtics where he won an NBA title in 2007-08 before joining the Brooklyn Nets in the offseason.
Paul Pierce spent 15 seasons with the Boston Celtics where he won an NBA title… (Maddie Meyer / Getty Images )

The heartbreak kid

Brooklyn Nets forward Paul Pierce, on leaving the Boston Celtics: "I'm a person that's always when it's time to move on, you move on. You can ask any girlfriend I've ever had."

No biggie

Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert, on beating the two-time defending champion Miami Heat in their first regular-season meeting: "We're not going to run around chest-bumping and stuff like that. It's not like three years ago, when if we got a win like this it was the highlight of our season. We just have to move on."

It is what it is

Heat forward LeBron James, on the state of his team's so-called rivalry with the Pacers: "What is a rivalry these days? A rivalry is Celtics-Lakers [in the 1980s] when you meet four out of five years. Bulls-Pistons. Those are rivalries. We've played [the Pacers] two years in the playoffs and you guys make it into a rivalry. There's no rivalry in the NBA these days."

Closer to the ground

Nets guard Deron Williams, on ankle sprains: "I don't know how I can avoid it. I could try shooting like Brook [Lopez] and not jump."

—Ben Bolch

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