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Will 'House of Cards' stand? Super Bowl to chill box office.

February 01, 2013|By Joe Flint
  • Kevin Spacey in Netflix's "House of Cards."
Kevin Spacey in Netflix's "House of Cards." (Netflix )

After the coffee. Before getting my Ravens Super Bowl bets in.

The Skinny: On Wednesday night, I priced a Saturday flight on Virgin America from D.C. back to L.A. It was $549. On Thursday night, when I went to buy, the price jumped to $610. The flight was empty. Should I have gambled that come Saturday morning the price would drop? Chew on that while looking at today's stories, which include a preview of the weekend box office.

Daily Dose: The number for CBS to beat is 111.3 million. That's how many people watched NBC's broadcast of last year's Super Bowl between the New York Giants and New England Patriots. Of course, that game went down to the final minutes and featured two big-city teams. Still, some cold weather on the East Coast (as I write this, it is snowing in Washington) and nonstop promotion from CBS could push the numbers past last year's record.

Pass the pizza. With the Super Bowl being played Sunday, Hollywood is anticipating a slow weekend at the box office. I'm not sure why, because the game isn't until Sunday evening, but who am I to question the geniuses that every week seem to miss with their predictions. The only new movies opening are "Warm Bodies," a romantic comedy for teen girls and zombie fans, and Sylvester Stallone's "Bullet to the Head." Wonder what that one's about. It's so hard to tell from that vague title. Weekend box office previews from the Los Angeles Times and Variety.

How will I know? This month, Netflix is launching its new drama "House of Cards." Unlike a TV network, Netflix will make all the episodes of the show's first season available at once. Also unlike a TV network, Netflix has indicated that it won't say how many people watched episodes. Though I'm betting that if the show does well Netflix will find a way to release information, Vulture has a nice article explaining why Netflix is not as numbers obsessed as everyone else. The Los Angeles Times, the New York Times and Advertising Age look at the trend of binge viewing and whether it is a friend or a foe of the TV business. USA Today also weighs in.

Taking a bite of the apple. HBO is in talks to make its HBO Go service available for Apple TV. But think again if you think you can bypass a cable subscription to get "Girls" and "Game of Thrones." Apple TV subscribers will still have to have a regular satellite or cable subscription to get access to HBO Go. More on the talks from Bloomberg.

Inside the Los Angeles Times: Betsy Sharkey on "Warm Bodies." Robert Abele on "Bullet to the Head."

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