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Super Bowl 2013: What will Beyonce sing?

Thanks to a few clues from the singer, Pop & Hiss is pretty certain we've uncovered what you can expect from Beyonce's Super Bowl set list.

February 01, 2013|By Gerrick D. Kennedy
  • Beyonc performs at the Pepsi Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show Press Conference.
Beyonc performs at the Pepsi Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show Press Conference. (Christopher Polk / Getty…)

With pretty much every news outlet still buzzing about Beyonce's Inauguration Day lip sync, the pop diva is finally offering some clues as to what her headlining spectacle at Sunday’s Super Bowl halftime show will look like.

After singing an astounding and unaccompanied redux of the national anthem during a press conference Thursday, she issued a second glimpse of how rehearsals are coming together.

Cheekily dubbed “Countdown to Touchdown,” the less-than-one-minute videos offer snippets of action.

Both are soundtracked by cuts taken from the singer’s last album, 2011’s critically acclaimed “4.” In one, Beyoncé and her army of all girl dancers work through a number of frenetic dance routines, while the second focuses on the singer’s backing band getting into the groove.

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But the question remains: What can the millions of viewers who will be glued to the Super Bowl -- either for the big game, the commercials or halftime show -- expect to see on Sunday? While the artist is tight-lipped on the subject, I'm pretty certain I've decoded what will take up her dozen minutes of stage time. 

Thanks to clues the singer dropped in the aforementioned rehearsal clips and crosschecking my notes with Buzzfeed’s hilarious gallery of her trademarked dance moves, this eagle-eyed (and unabashed) Beyoncé fan has firmly placed his bets on what is on the set list for Sunday’s halftime performance:

“Crazy in Love.” Beyoncé’s debut solo offering is a hallmark to her discography (it turns 10 this year) and will serve as the perfect introduction to a fiery set of potential pop diva-try. It comes complete with brassy horns (stripped from a Chi-Lites song), a sticky chorus and that iconic derriere shake. Count on Sasha Fierce to emerge on the count of “1, 2, 3, 4 …”

“End of Time.” In the second installment of “Countdown to Touchdown," the singer’s backing vocalists launch into a crisp a capella of this fan favorite. It's pulled from the high energy Afrobeat rhythms of Fela Kuti (God, please let her have called one of N'awlins' finest brass bands to turn this moment into a sleek second line).

It’s a safe assumption the track is included. Why else would she issue a clip of her girls ripping through a perfectly harmonized bit of the track under the watchful, and gleaming, eye of their boss?

“Baby Boy.” If you’ve watched as many live performances of Beyonce as this guy you start to notice her affinity for certain dance moves. Buzzfeed perfectly identified 47 moves and coined them with uproarious names such as “the goddess turn,” “the forward back body punch” and my personal favorite, “the seductive stanky leg.”

While watching the first installment of “Countdown to Touchdown,” I spotted part of a move Buzzfeed dubbed “the diva twist and shout,” a little saucy number she debuted in the video for the dance hall infused hit “Baby Boy.”

Destiny’s Child medley. Sure, certain members have been playing coy about a possible reunion of the group that launched Beyonce to superstardom. But come on, every outlet, including ours, has already confirmed it’s happening.

A number of sites have reported the other members of Destiny's Child — Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams — will reunite onstage to perform their hits “Bills, Bills, Bills,” “Survivor” and end the set with “Nuclear,” their first new track in eight years.

But after chewing on the '90s throwback it would make more sense for the women to trade out the new track with a vintage hit that has a lot more oomph. It’s impossible to ignore their anthemic smash, “Independent Women Pt. I.”

“Single Ladies.” Come on, those hand-clap grooves, call and response hook and that dance is catered for arena performances. Another essential track, this will have the crowd at the Superdome and the millions more watching in their living rooms on their feet for what’s become her extravagant finale.

Beyonce really likes to drive the empowerment of the song home with a militia of fierce dancers and some crowd participation. So football fans headed to the game should work on their hand-flipping skills, she’ll likely call on you to throw your hands up -- especially the fellas.

“Halo.” Beyonce has grown fond of pairing “Single Ladies” and her hit “Halo” as a finale/encore. She’s used the pop ballad as a tribute to Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson and after a strenuous set it will afford her the one big opportunity to display the vocal prowess that’s recently come into question, and she's likely going to seize the moment and unleash some vocal acrobatics.

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