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Watch disappointed Tayshaun Prince fan remove jersey after trade

February 01, 2013|By Houston Mitchell

So imagine being a big fan of Detroit's Tayshaun Prince, except you live in Indiana and don't get a chance to see your favorite player in person very often. You scan the NBA schedule to see when the Pistons will be coming to Indianapolis to face the Pacers, and you circle Jan. 30 on your calendar. You buy a ticket next to the aisle where the players come out so you can greet Prince when he comes onto the court.

The big day comes. You put on your new Prince jersey, get to the arena a couple of hours later and start counting the minutes. You just know that Prince will appreciate the fact that he has a fan in an opponent's arena. "He'll come over and give me a high-five, maybe even say something," you think to yourself.

Suddenly, the players are on their way to the court. The moment is here! You stand up, anxiously awaiting Prince. The Pistons come out. The coaches come out. The ball boys come out. Finally, the mascot comes out. But no Tayshaun Prince.

What happened? You check your phone to see if he's hurt. You call a friend. And then you are given the news: Tayshaun Prince was traded before the game. He won't be playing. You won't get to see him.

Dejected, you slump back in your chair. You remove your Prince jersey and put it under your seat. Suddenly, life seems less joyful.

Well, at least no one captured it on video, so you've got that going for you. Or do you?

Watch it all in the video above.


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