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Letters: Deficit reality

February 03, 2013

Re "The debt debate," Opinion, Jan. 31

Michael Kingsley asks, "Is it not at least possible, though, that some folks really mean it when we say, no, we really are concerned about the effect of the national debt on America's long-run prosperity"? The answer is no. The national debt is simply being used as a stalking horse by those who want to punish the poor and reward the rich.

If these people sincerely wanted to cut the deficit, they would raise taxes on the rich to more historical levels. But they want to cut them. If they wanted to cut our debt, they would cut the defense budget, now twice what it was only 10 years ago. But they want to raise it.

These are the people who, when they were in charge, said that deficits don't matter.

Craig Zerouni

Los Angeles


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