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Villaraigosa announces redesigned city website and new mobile app

February 06, 2013|By Andrea Chang

The city of Los Angeles now has a newly redesigned website and, coming next month, a mobile app.

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa announced the new tech tools during his first Google+ Hangout news conference Wednesday afternoon. (Check out a replay here.)

Speaking from Google's offices in Venice, Villaraigosa conceded that the moves were overdue. He said that the tech scene in L.A. has grown rapidly in recent years and the city wanted a website and app to match that momentum.

"Silicon Beach has raised the game, and the city of L.A. needed to raise ours," he said.

Visitors to the new city website, which you can check out here, can access a 311 directory of city services and request services such as filling potholes, graffiti removal, permit inspections, property violations and streetlight outages. There are also maps, payment options and resources for residents, businesses, vistors and job seekers.

With the My L.A. 311 mobile app, which will be available March 18, Villaraigosa said the city was "putting smart, social and open government in the palm of your hand."

The app will have many of the same features as the new website, so users can submit service requests, pay their DWP bills and find city info.

The app was designed by technology services firm 3Di Systems in downtown L.A. Villaraigosa said he hoped the website and app would lead to "more transparent and open government."

The app will be available in Apple's App Store and in the Google Play store. Which led one reporter to ask Villaraigosa whether he was an iPhone or Android user.

"I am here at Google, can I..." he said nervously before trailing off. "I love Google, I really love Google. I really love Google."

Guess we know the answer to that question.


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