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SXSW: Abigail Breslin, Rob Zombie, giant spider on midnight list

February 06, 2013|By Rebecca Keegan
  • Abigail Breslin in 'Haunter'
Abigail Breslin in 'Haunter' (SXSW )

The South by Southwest Film Conference and Festival announced its midnight features and short film slate Wednesday, a horror and sci fi-heavy list of movies that includes Abigail Breslin as a 15-year-old ghost in "Haunter," Dermot Mulroney as an ex-con on a road trip in "The Rambler" and director Rob Zombie's witch coven movie, "The Lords of Salem."

SXSW's Midnighters section is where the genre friendly festival books its scariest, silliest and most offbeat fare, such as this year's "Big Ass Spider!", director Mike Mendez's tale of a giant alien arachnid rampaging Los Angeles.

The SXSW shorts slate is also an eccentric mix, which includes "KRS ONE: Brooklyn to the Bronx," a documentary about the rapper's years as a homeless teenager in New York City, "#PostModern," a sci-fi pop musical told in a series of tweets and "Skin," a romance about a child taxidermist.

The SXSW film festival takes place March 8-16. For more information onĀ  Midnighters and the complete SXSW film lineup, visit


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