'Downton Sixbey' returns to 'Late Night'

February 07, 2013|By Meredith Blake

When “Downton Abbey” returned last month for its third season, it was only a matter of time before Jimmy Fallon revived his popular spoof, “Downton Sixbey,” named for the studio at Rockefeller Center where “Late Night” is taped.  

In the latest chapters of the saga, which aired in two parts on Tuesday and Wednesday night, Fallon -- much like his inspiration, Lord Grantham -- discovers that he’s squandered the family’s vast fortune on a lousy investment. (At the risk of revealing too much, let’s just say it wasn’t a railroad.)

Trying to cut costs, the master of the house starts rationing wine. This displeases the entire family but most especially his wife, played by Brooke Shields (who deserves a special award for her dead-on impression of Elizabeth McGovern’s drowsy speech patterns).

But things perk up when the wealthy young bachelor Sir Questlove arrives with his mother, Lady Whoopi (played by, well, do we have to say?). To everyone’s surprise, he takes a shine to Fred Armisen’s homely Lady Hedith.

This being a “Downton Abbey” parody, there is of course much intrigue below stairs as well, where a scheming footman spreads a scurrilous rumor that Higgins, the Bates-like valet, poisoned his wife’s tea. While that turns out to be untrue, Higgins reveals a secret that’s far more devastating -- and disgusting. (Here's a hint: Al Roker.)

Enjoy both parts here, but be warned: There’s enough potty humor here to send the Dowager Countess to her grave.  


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