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David Beckham runs in undies, gets wedgie in new H&M commercial

February 07, 2013|By Jenn Harris

Want to get an eyeful of David Beckham's bum? How about the hot soccer star picking a wedgie, twice? Beckham does that and much more in the new commercial for H&M David Beckham bodywear directed by Guy Ritchie.

Marc Atlan was creative director on the commercial, shot on location in Los Angeles. It features Beckham clad only in green underwear running around the streets of Beverly Hills in pursuit of his robe, which has been caught in a car door and is being dragged along. He leaps over fences, races down the street, kicks a soccer ball, swims the length of a pool and jumps over a car hood, all while wearing nothing but his knickers.

Before he takes off on his hot pursuit he slips a finger inside the leg of his underpants to pull out a wedgie, which somehow seems to fuel his underwear run. He does it again at the end, and the camera gives a nice close-up shot of the action — and the Beckham bum.

The new David Beckham Bodywear for H&M collection is available in select stores and online at


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