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Letters: Textbooks and Mideast peace

February 07, 2013

Re "A textbook case of bias for both Israelis, Palestinians," Feb. 5

I don't know which Palestinian school books were reviewed by the U.S. contingent studying early incitement, but apparently they were not presented with the fact that most Palestinian children are indoctrinated with hatred for Israel. And yes, Israel has fallen into the same trap of self-flagellation that we in the U.S. have fallen into in rewriting our history to be more "balanced."

It took a half-million-dollar grant to determine that both sides in the Israeli-Palestinian debate consider the other the enemy? What a surprise.

Allan Kandel

Los Angeles

Thank you for this article. Finally, both sides are confronted with their own role in perpetuating stereotypes and biases that make resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict so difficult.

The next step: funding new history textbooks that they write for each other.

Liz Fautsch



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