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Letters: Should parishoners pay for the church's sins?

February 08, 2013

Re "Archdiocese weighs huge fund drive," Feb. 6

I have been following the L.A. Archdiocese sex abuse scandal from the very beginning. Like many Catholics, I am shocked and appalled at what has happened recently.

I have not donated any money directly to the archdiocese since this scandal became news. Though I will continue to support my parish, I encourage all Catholics not to contribute one penny to any fund-raising activities of the archdiocese. We need to send a strong message to Archbishop Jose Gomez that this type of conduct by our leadership is unacceptable.

Paul Van


I am once again appalled by the hubris of my church. As a Roman Catholic, I am already nauseated at the criminal acts of our leaders, but it goes beyond the pale when they turn around and ask us to pay for their egregious behavior.

They want $200 million? Perhaps I could require a quid pro quo: Allow women to be ordained and stop bullying our nuns. Then, maybe, I'll consider donating a few bucks. Otherwise, forget it.

Erin Keating

San Gabriel

After being read a disingenuous letter by Gomez at Sunday's Masses, Los Angeles Catholics may be asked to contribute to a massive fund-raising program. The archdiocese faces significant financial problems partly because of the attorneys fees that were spent over the last several years to try to prevent abuse survivors from receiving just compensation and to prevent the release of files related to priest abuse.

Why doesn't the archdiocese start by firing its high-priced attorneys and PR consultants?

Marie Pietrasanta



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