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Letters: Super Bowl needed a fuse good men

Where were you when the power went out in New Orleans?

February 08, 2013
  • Ravens players look around after the lights went out during a power surge at the Superdome early in the third quarter Sunday.
Ravens players look around after the lights went out during a power surge… (Matt Slocum / Associated…)

That was a tremendous Super Bowl, a superb roller coaster ride, which ended in a most dubious way with a horrible non-call hold on fourth down that cost the 49ers a sixth Super Bowl victory. Were those replacement refs?

But this game personified why football is our national passion. Now, what do we do for the next six months until the NFL Hall of Fame game?

Gino Cirignano

Playa del Rey


I am not convinced the better team won the Super Bowl. But I know with certainty the better coach won it. With first and goal and the NFL's best running quarterback at the helm (a guy who is averaging nine yards per carry in this game), why Jim Harbaugh didn't design three or four quarterback sweeps or option plays is a mystery. Much better to put the game in the hands (and legs) of a talented dual-threat guy than rely on a referee to call a penalty in the end zone — an excellent no call, I might add.

Ron Ovadia



Any truth to the rumor that next year's Super Bowl will include Motel 6 as a sponsor so that during the game they can keep the lights on?

Mike Corzel

Culver City


After the fifth time viewers were told that it takes about 15 minutes to regenerate the lights in the Superdome and that play would resume in ... 15 minutes or so, I was reminded of the famous "Seinfeld" episode in which Jerry, George and Elaine are continually told their wait for a table in a Chinese restaurant would be about "10-15 minutes."

As of this writing, it has now been over 30 minutes and the lights have not completely been regenerated.

Where's my egg roll?

Howard P. Cohen

North Hills


In retrospect, it's too bad Beyonce wasn't replaced with AC/DC and the Electric Light Orchestra.

Corey Nordal

Simi Valley


During and after the Super Bowl, 49ers Coach Jim Harbaugh showed the worst sportsmanship I've seen since that previous Stanford coach who beat Pete Carroll and the Trojans in the Coliseum.

John Mark

Newport Beach


OK, so the X means 10 and the L 50. But when any letter is followed by a larger letter, er, number, it is subtracted. So, XL together means 10 taken away from 50 or 40. The V is equal to 5, each I is a 1, both of which are followed by nothing and preceded by a larger number so they are added and not subtracted. Therefore, the game last Sunday was Super Bowl 47.

Whew! This exercise will be much easier III years from now.

Ken Swift


Oh those Lakers

I repeat the statement I made, published on this page nearly three years ago: If Kobe Bryant's contract required him to get 10 assists before he was allowed to shoot, no one would ever beat the Lakers.

Matt Aschkynazo

Santa Monica


Dwight Howard is worried about rushing back from his shoulder injury because it might affect his ability to earn money in the future. Uh, not if you sign an extension with the Lakers now. Show some heart, Dwight, and commit long term.

Craig P. Fagan

San Diego


Once in a great while, an athlete comes along so special, the terms "Jordanesque" or "Ruthian" are invoked. Kids worship these heroes, whose talents seem superhuman, their desire endless, and the will to win at all costs gargantuan.

I'm certainly not talking about Dwight Howard.

Marty Foster



Kobe ran Shaq out of town. If Gasol's salary wasn't so large, he would already be gone. By criticizing Howard, he will run Howard out of town too. Despite having won five championships in the past 15 years, the Lakers could have won more if Kobe could learn to play with the big guys. The problem is not the big guys, because like Kobe, they will be in the Hall of Fame.

Kobe just ran his mouth out of his last chance at a championship. There are no more bigs to get, and all championship teams have one. Way to go, Kobe!

Brad Stern

Santa Monica


Looks like the injury list has inadvertently solved the Lakers' post problems. Howard is so moody he plays lazy. Gasol is so soft he can't compete with the rough play in the NBA. I say let Earl Clark and Robert Sacre play. Their hustle and tough play is enjoyable, and their personalities on and off the court are a pleasure. The championship window is closing fast. When Kobe is gone, this team will stink. He deserves to play with players who work as hard as he does.

Carey Miller



The Lakers are talented, tall, slow and old. Their coach wants to run and gun. The Bruins are talented, small, fast and young. Their coach wants to slow it down.

Mr. D'Antoni, meet Mr. Guerrero. Mr. Howland, meet Mr. Buss.

Steve Finch

Redondo Beach

Pac-12 Not-work

To the Pac-12:

I am sending this email to officially tell you that I have lost all interest in the Pac-12. I used to follow USC and UCLA football, UCLA basketball, and Pac-12 track and field regularly, but now with the switch to your new station I have lost all interest in those teams.

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