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Mimicking LeBron James backfires on high school basketball fans

February 08, 2013|By Melissa Rohlin

Some high school basketball fans in Northern California apparently thought that it would be funny to emulate LeBron James' former pregame ritual of tossing chalk into the air.

Little did they know that their stunt might have cost their team the game.

Before a game against rival Roseville High, Woodcreek fans who call themselves the "Black Mob" tossed baby powder into the air, replicating the reigning MVP's previous tradition.

The prank backfired.

The cloud of powder was so intense that the game was delayed to mop the court. After the court was cleaned, play still had to be stopped several times because the floor was slippery.

Eventually the referees determined that it was unsafe to play at that gym and, at halftime, moved the game from Woodcreek to Roseville.

After the game was relocated to their home court, the Roseville Tigers pulled off an 87-71 win.


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