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Unusual, quirky and just plain weird iPhone cases

February 09, 2013|By Salvador Rodriguez

Some cases protect phones and others give them style points. But then there's those cases that simply can't be categorized.

Because they're so expensive, so unusual or so wrong, here are the 10 most unique iPhone cases we've come across.

Rainbow cute horse iPhone 5 case

This overly bedazzled iPhone case seems to be inspired by "My Little Pony." As if being covered to the teeth in crystals wasn't enough, the case comes with a horse figure attached to its back, which, of course, is also bedazzled. You can find it on Etsy for $53.

Woogie for iPhone and iPod touch

The Woogie isn't as much a case as it is a way to mutate your phone into a stuffed animal that's kind of cute and all-around creepy-looking. The makers say its legs help the case plop up at a good viewing angle, but if you download the Woogie app, it'll also come alive. The Woogie is available for $25, and the Woogie 2, which is less creepy, is available for $20.

Rabito iPhone 5 case

Although bizarre looking, the Rabito as actually used by a lot of people that want to give their iPhone long bunny ears and a fussy tail that doubles as a kickstand. Although the Rabito likely won't fit in your pocket, people love it, and that's why it can be purchased at dozens of places on the Internet.

Stitch iPhone case

If you look on, you can outfit your iPhone with just about any kind of animal, from elephants to pandas. They all look weird, but standing head and shoulders above the rest is a Stitch version. The lovable alien character from Disney will prop your phone up and wrap its ears around the front.

Rocketcases Game Boy Retro

The Rocketcases' silicone Game Boy Retro is made to look like the Nintendo handheld from the good 'ol days. It has raised buttons and is instantly recognizable. Other popular Rocketcases you've likely seen include the cassette tape and a version that looks like a Nintendo NES controller.

Lucien Elements Chrome collection

The Argent and Aurum, from the Lucien Elements' Chrome collection, are probably the most expensive iPhone cases you'll ever find. They both cost $850, are made with aerospace-grade aluminum and are 18-karat gold plated. The cases also feature Swarovski crystals imported from Austria that won't fall off because of a proprietary technique created by Lucien Elements. 

The Knucklecase

The Knucklecase is as tough-looking as cases come. Although it resembles brass knuckles, the case is made to give users a better hold of their phone. Careful when traveling, though; the case's website says the Transportation Security Administration loves to confiscate Knucklecases at airports.

Izzi Orbit iPhone 5 case

Born from a Kickstarter project, the Orbit iPhone 5 case gives the Apple smartphone three camera lenses. Users can choose from "Fish Eye, Wide Angle, and Telephoto options," the case's website says. But this case won't come cheap. It costs $240.


The ReadyCase turns the iPhone into a Swiss Army Knife. It comes with a USB flash drive that can also be used as a kickstand, it has a clip for your earbuds, an integrated multi-purpose tool and a lens ring that can be used to attach optional camera lenses. The ReadyCase isn't out yet, but can be pre-ordered.

The Uppercup

The Uppercup started out as an Internet hoax. The idea was it gave people a pop-out cup holder for their coffee and other drinks. The Uppercup is on Indiegogo trying to raise $25,000 as a joke, but now the company behind the prank has said that if the Uppercup actually gets that amount of money, it'll be made. Don't hold your breath, though, it's only raised $900 so far. 


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