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World's largest baseball card is unveiled

February 12, 2013|By Kevin Baxter
  • The world's largest baseball card.
The world's largest baseball card. (Topps )

Remember that chalky pink piece of gum that used to come in every pack of baseball cards?

Well you might want to steer away from the one Topps would have to make to match the Prince Fielder card it unveiled Tuesday in Lakeland, Fla.

At 275 pounds, Fielder, who plays for the Detroit Tigers, is a big guy under normal circumstances. But his new baseball card is of Ruthian proportions, measuring approximately 90 feet tall and 60 feet wide, making it the largest baseball card ever made, according to Topps.

The card, uncovered by 100 young players at Peterson Park, a youth complex a few miles from the Tigers' spring-training complex, stretched from the edge of the infield to the left-center field fence. And here are some more fun facts according to the card's manufacturer:

* You would have to rip open and stack 8,295 Topps card packs -- which include 10 cards per pack -- to match the height of the Fielder card.

* It would take 82,944 individual cards to cover the world's largest card. Laid end to end, that many cards would stretch 4.6 miles.

Just try putting that in the spokes of your Stingray.


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