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KTLA has 'crushing' video of Vin Scully interviewing Mike Piazza

February 14, 2013|By Steve Dilbeck

And now deep from the vaults at KTLA, comes that devastating video of Vin Scully interviewing Mike Piazza.

You know, the one where the villainous Scully just crushed poor Piazza, managing to turn an entire city of Dodgers fans against him.

Or maybe not.

It is true, that dastardly Scully had the temerity to ask Piazza about the contract situation, what with it being only about the biggest story of that 1998 Dodgers spring.

Yet the closest thing to criticism Scully said referred to Piazza’s self-imposed Feb. 15 deadline to get his desired contract extension resolved, saying “ultimatum is a heavy word, you know that’s the kind of thing, if you don’t do this, we bomb you.”

Piazza actually gave a solid response to this incredible grilling, which Scully acknowledged with a “well said.”

And so the City of Angels turned its back on its favorite catcher. Honest, that’s it. Have a look.

Kind of a few planets away from “Vin Scully was crushing me.”


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