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Letters: Mahony and the next pope

February 15, 2013

Re "Mahony's papal vote irks some Catholics," Feb. 12

Cardinal Roger M. Mahony, the retired archbishop of Los Angeles, has no shame.

He concealed child molestations by priests from law enforcement. Then he borrowed money, without disclosing his act, from the hundreds of thousands of people who had paid for the care and maintenance of their plots in local Catholic cemeteries. He essentially lied about where he got the money to help pay settlements to sex-abuse victims, saying it was from selling certain church assets.

And now, he is happily flying to Rome to elect a new pope. Shame on Mahony.

Nick Nell Jr.


Some perspective on Mahony is needed.

He promoted women to top leadership positions in the archdiocese. He is a leading advocate for comprehensive immigration reform. He brought together diverse religious communities in L.A. He encouraged full participation in all parishes for Sunday Mass. He has been in the forefront of the labor movement, walking with striking janitors. And yes, he put in place very strong guidelines on the protection of children.

Yes, some mistakes were made decades ago in a church culture that the cardinal inherited. He has apologized to the victims.

Looking at the big picture, Mahony has been a shining light in promoting the reforms of Vatican II. His participation is greatly needed in the election of a new pope, one who may ultimately accept married priests and the ordination of women.

Charlie Ara


The Roman Catholic Church should be ashamed of itself for allowing Mahony to spend parishoners' money to travel to Rome and vote for a new pope. It's like allowing Charles Manson to vote for the new district attorney.

Tom Wilson

La Crescenta


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