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Letters: Armchair quarterbacks and the LAPD

February 17, 2013

Re "LAPD in the cross hairs," Editorial, Feb. 14

Your editorial makes no sense. You dismiss Christopher Dorner's manifesto as "loopy," while in the same breath you say the Los Angeles Police Department's "self-reflection" in response to it is valuable. You throw the baby out with the bath water in condemning the horrible but accidental shootings in Torrance by overlooking the fact that Dorner's last-stand behavior in Big Bear was perfectly consistent with what the officers stationed in Torrance correctly knew to expect if he showed up.

Worst, you reserve your ire for the LAPD, when you should be asking questions about the San Bernardino County sheriff's search plan. Those officers apparently assumed that the suspect who could reputedly snipe, fly and scuba didn't know how to pick the lock on a cabin door.

Steve Meister

Sherman Oaks

Re "Couple tell of Dorner ordeal," Feb. 14

Karen Reynolds, who was tied up by Dorner upon entering the Big Bear cabin in which he was hiding, said she wasn't expecting to see any of the $1-million-plus reward money offered in the case. I propose that the money should be used to set up a trust fund for the families of the four victims killed in this tragedy.

Sam Fung

Newport Coast


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