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Letters: The GOP can't stop losing

February 17, 2013

Re "Obama sells economic ideas, but GOP resists," Feb. 14

This is weird. Even though the GOP was soundly defeated in the last election, its elected officials continue to think they had a really good strategy to take back the White House. Their plan was to attack the president and his ideas and hope that everyone would say, "Yeah, Barack Obama is bad, so I'm voting for Mitt Romney."

So here we are: Obama is back in the Oval Office, and the Republicans are attacking and obstructing without offering anything of substance.

House Speaker John A. Boehner's (R-Ohio) latest plan is to "get people on the ladder and help them climb that ladder so they can live the American dream." Thanks for the specifics, Mr. Speaker.

The GOP had no plan, and that is how it lost the election.

Daniel V. Shannon

West Hills


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