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Jan Perry attack mailers seek to siphon votes from Wendy Greuel

The L.A. mayoral race mailers, some of which are inconsistent with Councilwoman Perry's own record, reach out to fiscal conservatives in the San Fernando Valley, Controller Greuel's home base.

February 20, 2013|By Seema Mehta, Los Angeles Times

In yet another mailer, she criticizes Greuel for her ties to Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. At the same time, Perry was sending mailers to Latino voters with photos of her alongside Villaraigosa and suggesting that he views her as a good successor. The mayor has not endorsed anyone in the race.

A spokeswoman for Greuel, who previously called Perry a hypocrite for the mailers, said the latest pieces raise troubling questions about the councilwoman.

"Either Jan doesn't know how deceptive her campaign mail is or she knows and doesn't care," Shannon Murphy said. "Neither inspires much trust in someone who wants to be the mayor of Los Angeles."

Perry's campaign consultant, Eric Hacopian, said the mailers are "common-sense" campaigning. Perry has remained true to her fundamental beliefs about reforming city government, he said.

"What you try to do is try to tailor your message to a particular constituency," he said. "You must always be strategically consistent, but tactically flexible."

He asserted the mailers are working and that Perry's name-recognition among voters now equals that of Greuel and Garcetti.

Smith said some Valley voters assumed Perry was more liberal than she is because she's an African American who represents South Los Angeles. But when they hear directly from Perry, many are impressed, Smith said.

"More and more people are saying I know why you endorsed her," he said, citing her candid approach to the city's financial woes.

But she can't meet the entire region through kaffeeklatsches, homeowners association gatherings and meet-and-greets.

Perry's biggest obstacle remains "not enough name-recognition," Smith acknowledged. "We'll see."

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