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Evo Farm's DIY aquaponics class

February 20, 2013|By Caitlin Keller
  • Evo Farm founder David Rosenstein.
Evo Farm founder David Rosenstein. (Evo Farm )

Some say that aquaponics may be the future of local food production, especially in cities. Why? Well, it’s a soilless, recirculating system that uses the waste products of one system to fuel another and uses much less water than conventional farming in the process. In this case, fish (tilapia, for instance) provide fertilizer for the plants growing on the water’s surface while the plants (vegetables, flowers or herbs) filter water for the fish below.

Evo Farm in Mar Vista is currently Los Angeles’ only operating aquaponics farm. The farm has a CSA program, sells at-home aquaponics kits, works with youth at local schools and offers classes for those wanting to learn how to build their own indoor or outdoor system.

On March 2 and 3, Evo Farm’s founder David Rosenstein will be teaching a two-day intensive class on the fundamentals of aquaponics. The “art and science of aquaponics” course costs $289 per person. Register online.


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