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'The Taste' recap: Anthony Bourdain loses the sandwich war

February 20, 2013|By Jenn Harris
  • Anthony Bourdain, right, talks to his team on "The Taste."
Anthony Bourdain, right, talks to his team on "The Taste." (ABC )

It was an all-out sandwich war on Tuesday night's episode of "The Taste," and each judge had their own special strategy. Ludo Lefebvre, who looked dapper in a vest, thought screaming at his team would rally the troups. Brian Malarkey, in a polka dot bow tie and rolled-up-jeans for a comical quasi-hipster look, yelled at the chefs on the other teams. Sweet Nigella Lawson, in a pretty dress, was a supportive ball of anxiety. And Anthony Bourdain, who donned a sharp powder blue suit, chilled in his kitchen with a beer in his hand. Bourdain seemed the coolest of the bunch, but in the end, he suffered his first casualty.

For the group challenge, each chef was asked to do a club sandwich, peanut butter and jelly, or salad sandwich. Mario Carbone and Rich Torrisi of Parm in New York City acted as guest judges. Khristianne Uy on Malarkey's team and Diane DiMeo (a.k.a. Cruella) on Bourdain's team were finally chosen to represent their groups. Each week their bites had been passed over even though they always looked worthy of being chosen. Nigella chose Huda Mu'min's bite to represent her team and Lefebvre chose Gregg Drusinsky from his team for the second week in a row.

Carbone and Torrisi chose Drusinsky's sandwich for the win, giving the arrogant chef immunity. All around the kitchen, eyes rolled, as did mine.

For the blind tasting challenge, each chef made their "best" sandwich. Standouts included Jeff Mahin's (team Malarkey) hot beef sandwich with bacon mayonnaise; Ninamarie Bojekian's (team Bourdain) beef carpaccio and fried green tomato sandwich; and Lauren Scott's (team Lawson) Mediterranean lamb sandwich with harissa tzatziki on naan.

DiMeo's sandwich was chosen as one of the worst for her bread choice, but it was clear to everyone that it was just a slip and she was saved. Drusinsky landed in the bottom, but his immunity saved him. Really a shame. He could have gone home and made everyone happy. Despite making her own bread, the judges thought Mia Morgenstern was one of the worst bites. She was the first of Bourdain's team to be sent home. Mu'min on Lawson's team was also sent home for serving Malarkey raw chicken. Raw chicken? Of course you're going home!

Best moment: The audience getting to see Cruella's hard exterior crack, just a little, with a couple of tears. Viewers learned that she was in a difficult marriage and was penniless for eight months. Cruella has a heart!


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