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Letters: Jerry Buss, Laker in chief

February 20, 2013

Re " 'Showtime' ringmaster," Obituary, Feb. 19

Earlier this season at a Lakers-Clippers game, both of us — lifelong Lakers fans — used the occasion to express our frustration with the team this year by holding up a sign giving owner Jerry Buss' son Jim a thumbs-down for what we perceived from the sidelines as poor choices related to the team.

With Jerry Buss' passing Monday, that sentiment seems unimportant. In reality, our frustration was borne out of the incredible success Lakers fans have become accustomed to.

Our sincere condolences to Jim Buss and the entire Lakers organization. Chick Hearn is in heaven saying hello while the rest of us say goodbye.

Kevin and Shaun Casey

Los Angeles


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