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Jerry Jones' new bus is just what you'd expect from Cowboys owner

February 20, 2013|By Chuck Schilken

Jerry Jones' new bus is nice. Real nice. Way nicer than my apartment. Way nicer than wherever you live too, and I say that with confidence even though I don't even know you.

The new Dallas Cowboys bus ... excuse me, motor coach ... is called "The Elegant Lady," and it more than lives up to its name. Everything is so shiny, from the floor to the fridge. Plenty of comfy places to relax -- and lots of reminders that this luxury palace on wheels belongs to the Cowboys, including a giant blue star on the outside.

There are three rooms, including a fully functional kitchen, and a total of nine televisions, with three big-screen TVs in the "part where Mr. Jones likes to hang out," according to longtime team bus driver Emory Tyler.

No word on exactly how much Jones shelled out for the vehicle, but that particular model -- the Prevost Marathon Coach -- is said to run anywhere from $1.5 million to $2.5 million depending on just how decked out you want it. And it doesn't appear that Jones skimped on anything.

The fancy wheels will be used to drive around personnel and host meetings for the team, as well as being sourced out for other big-time clients and events. Tyler said the old bus, which will remain in service, has logged more than 2 million miles and carried such passengers as President Clinton and Oprah Winfrey.

Starting today, "The Elegant Lady," which made its debut during Super Bowl week in New Orleans, will be on hand in Indianapolis to shuttle Jones and company around town in style during the NFL scouting combine ... once they arrive by plane.

You didn't expect Jones to slum it on a bus all the way from Dallas to Indianapolis, did you?


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