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Kyle Long has worked his way back to reach NFL scouting combine

The offensive lineman had personal problems and a disruption in his college career. But he has established himself as a pro prospect.

February 21, 2013|By Sam Farmer

Rare is the lineman who turns the tables.

But that's what tackle Luke Joeckel did in high school, screaming at his quarterback for essentially running into the arms of a defensive lineman.

To be fair, that quarterback was Luke's twin, Matt, so their on-field tiff was just brothers being brothers.

"Matt bounces out of the pocket and I pancake the guy right into Matt's legs," recalled Joeckel, among a handful of players who could be the No. 1 overall pick. "I get up, and instead of [Matt] yelling at me, I started yelling at him, saying, 'You gave me a sack! You've got to be a better athlete than that!'"

If looks could kill

For years, combine participants were provided with workout clothes that were black, white, gray and sometimes red. This year, Under Armour outfitted them with the loudest possible garb, such as orange-and-yellow-swirled camouflage shirts and shorts and bright blue shoes.

Nike and Adidas also provide shoes and apparel for the prospects, who receive special shoes for their positions and for running the 40, along with sunglasses, hats and sweats.

"These aren't my colors," Ohio State offensive lineman Reid Fragel said. "But I'm pretty good at working with what I have."

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