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Letters: Gun violence hits home

February 22, 2013

Re "Killer an obsessive video gamer," Feb. 21

The shooting of Courtney Aoki by Ali Syed and the spree that followed in Orange County should serve as a warning to parents. A child who isolates himself from the real world and lives in a fantasy realm of video games may be suffering a mental condition that can result in such violence. Parents should be monitoring what videos and games the child is viewing, and under no circumstance should that child have access to any weapons.

This tragedy may not have happened if Syed's parents had not bought him a shotgun a year ago.

Robert C. Thompson

Marina Del Rey

Re "O.C. shootings leave four dead, many questions," Feb. 20

Your headline claims there are many questions concerning the latest community gun massacre. Indeed, some folks interviewed expressed surprise and shock. Why? This was just a another day in the armed encampment we call the United States.

Thanks to the National Rifle Assn., every area has folks armed and ready to shoot. Guns are a common way to resolve conflicts. Have a problem with your spouse, co-workers or employer? Reach for a gun.

The NRA has succeeded in elevating the right to bear arms above the right to life. Is this the type of nation our Founding Fathers intended to create?

Frank Ferrone

El Cajon


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