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NFL quarterback breakdown for draft

Scouting expert critiques top prospective quarterbacks in the NFL draft. Matt Barkley called 'a fourth-round player.'

February 22, 2013|By Sam Farmer
  • Scouting expert Greg Cosell said Arizona quarterback Matt Scott is the closest comparison to a Russell Wilson-type player in this draft.
Scouting expert Greg Cosell said Arizona quarterback Matt Scott is the… (Christian Petersen / Getty…)

Scouting expert Greg Cosell, an analyst for NFL Films, shared some of his observations Friday on quarterbacks who will be under the microscope heading into April's draft:

Geno Smith, West Virginia: "He's got an NFL arm and can make all the throws. He's got significant footwork issues that make him late with a lot of throws. Is it theoretically coachable? Absolutely. But he's been doing it for a long time, so it's a question." ... Plus when he scans the field, "he's bouncing, then he sees where he wants to throw it, then it takes him an extra beat to get his feet ready to throw it. You can get away with that in college, but you won't get away with that in the NFL. That needs to be cleaned up. It's like a guy having a hitch as a hitter in baseball. He's a step behind."

Matt Barkley, USC: "I think he's an NFL backup. I think he's a little short, with an average arm at best and slow feet. Those three traits, history suggests, do not lead to being a quality NFL starter. I've watched three games — quarterbacks I try to do six to eight games — but I've seen him throw at least 100 balls. I don't think Matt Barkley has an NFL starting skill set. I never say never, but to me, Barkley is a fourth-round player. I don't think he's a whole lot different than Ricky Stanzi when he came out of Iowa."

Mike Glennon, North Carolina State: "He's got the biggest arm of the guys, but he's got really slow feet and at times a longer delivery and at times can be scattershot."

Ryan Nassib, Syracuse: "He's a quick athlete who ran a West Coast-type offense. He's got a good arm, not a big arm. I don't think he's talented enough to be a star, but in the right system, he can be a quality NFL starter."

Tyler Bray, Tennessee: "He doesn't fit today's NFL. He's a pocket quarterback who's slow-twitch with a long delivery, major ball-security issues because he's loose with the ball. Not consistently accurate. He's of a different era. I don't think he fits today's NFL."

Matt Scott, Arizona: Cosell said Scott is the closest comparison to a Russell Wilson-type player, someone who could slip under the radar then make a splash. "He's in been in multiple systems and exposed to a lot of different things. He's a really intriguing prospect. He won't be a first-round pick, but he's really interesting. I've only watched two games, and he threw about 45 balls in each, and I'll be watching a lot more of him."

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