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Travel Show: 'Destination Truth' and the wilder side of travel

February 23, 2013|By Mary Forgione | Los Angeles Times Daily Travel & Deal blogger
  • Josh Gates of "Destination Truth" is all about getting travelers to move beyond their comfort zone. He will appear at the Travel Show on Sunday too.
Josh Gates of "Destination Truth" is all about getting travelers… (Tom Politeo )

Josh Gates travels the world eating creepy food ("lamb face or goat testicles, lamb face or goat testicles" he ponders over one faraway dining choice), driving crappy cars and chasing monsters on the SyFy channel's "Destination Truth." 

"The incredible fringe benefit is the privilege to travel," he said during an appearance at the Los Angeles Times Travel Show on Saturday afternoon. Gates, a scrappy rough-and-tumble travel guy, returns to the Travel Show at 3 p.m. Sunday for those who want to learn about how to start traveling more adventurously.

Tip No. 1: Plan to go at least one notch outside your comfort zone on your next vacation. "A big part of the travel industry is focused on hyper-organized tours, hyper-touristy cruises, putting people in buses ... or maybe just getting liquored up at the beach," he said. Find a reason to do something different to make travel more beneficial.

Gates says planning a travel adventure is all about finding the sweet spot. He mixes it up by having some tough adventures with a reprieve at a posh hotel.

 Tip No. 2: Even if you're on an organized tour, break out of the routine in search of an authentic experience. Why make the effort? "My experience is that people are, by and large, pretty great, from Tahoma to Timbuktu," he said.
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