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Oscars 2013: Seth MacFarlane's family is there to support him

February 24, 2013|By Amy Kaufman
  • Ron MacFarlane, father of Seth MacFarlane, his wife Xiao Xiang, left, and Seth's sister Rachael MacFarlane, right, arrive on the red carpet for the 85th Academy Awards
Ron MacFarlane, father of Seth MacFarlane, his wife Xiao Xiang, left, and… (Frederic J. Brown / AFP /…)

Seth MacFarlane only has a couple of hours before he takes the stage to host the Oscars, but right now, he's as cool as a cucumber.

Or so says his family.

Seth's father, Ron, and sister Rachael walked the Oscars red carpet Sunday in Hollywood to support their family member. Ron, who had a bushy grey beard reminiscent of Santa Claus, was dressed in a kilt that Rachel got him for his birthday.

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"I always wanted to wear a dress," he said with a smile. Even though the MacFarlanes are kin, they have been unable to get big show secrets out of Seth, they said.

"Well, he has run a few jokes by us, but he keeps everything pretty close to the vest," Rachael said.


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