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Travel Show: Travel writer Andrew McCarthy's quotable tips

February 24, 2013|By Christopher Reynolds
  • Actor and travel writer Andrew McCarthy, author of "The Longest Way Home."
Actor and travel writer Andrew McCarthy, author of "The Longest Way… (Genaro Molina / Los Angeles…)

Andrew McCarthy first won fame as an actor 20 years ago, but in recent years he has made a new name for himself as a travel writer. Speaking at the Los Angeles Times Travel Show on Sunday afternoon, McCarthy explained that travel had fueled his personal growth, taming fears he never knew he had.

Among McCarthy’s observations:

"I've never met anybody who took a solo trip who didn't come back changed."

"Fear is a cunning opponent. It comes back all the time."

"If we traveled more, we'd be a less fearful country."

"We can plant little flags of home everywhere we go” -- not by building global franchises, but by making personal connections on the road."

"The reason I've had success as a travel writer is that I'm always telling a story, not selling a destination."

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