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Four Seth MacFarlane songs worse than 'We Saw Your Boobs'

February 25, 2013|By Gerrick D. Kennedy

Love him or hate him (and many of you hated him), there are some pretty strong opinions surrounding Seth MacFarlane’s first-time gig as host of the Oscars on Sunday night.

The “Family Guy” and “American Dad!” creator has been labeled racist, sexist and homophobic -- and those are just the printable criticisms. Times TV critic Mary McNamara wrote in her review of the show, “As expected, MacFarlane was occasionally crude and mildly offensive; unfortunately, he wasn't very funny. Which is a pretty big problem for a comedian and one not at all mitigated by playing up the possibility of being named the worst host in history.” 

One moment that has drawn most of the ire is the opening number, “We Saw Your Boobs” -- a cheery, Broadway-esque salute to the topless scenes of Hollywood’s leading ladies (many of whom were in attendance). From Anne Hathaway to Charlize Theron to Kate Winslet, MacFarlane jubilantly sang of exposed breasts in a moment that was right out of a “Family Guy” cutaway gag.

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As a longtime fan of MacFarlane's cheerfully offensive and often self-deprecating humor (full disclosure: I named my pet after “Family Guy’s” diabolical child genius, Stewie), his performance was a reminder of many songs that didn't go down easily when they premiered on "Family Guy."

Here are a few numbers showing how the Oscars could've been a lot more tasteless.

"You Have AIDS" 

Nothing will ever be funny about AIDS. Ever.

"Down's Syndrome Girl" 

One of the series' more controversial moments -- the episode was focused on a mean girl with Down syndrome -- the whimsical tune didn't garner the show any new fans, particularly as it caught the attention of Sarah Palin, who expressed her displeasure. But the episode also landed an Emmy nomination. 

"Musical Dumpster Baby" 

The title really sort of speaks for itself here.

"I Need a Jew" 


MacFarlane delivered his share of Jewish jokes on Sunday's telecast, but this tune led to the episode of "Family Guy" being banned by Fox (as was one making light of abortion).


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