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White House details spending cuts' impact in California

February 25, 2013|By Anthony York

SACRAMENTO — With a Friday deadline for across-the-board budget cuts, the White House on Sunday detailed the impact those federal spending reductions could have on various states.

In California, the Obama administration says, the cuts could mean a $87.6-million cut in funding for primary and secondary education, “putting around 1,210 teacher and aide jobs at risk,” according to a White House statement.

An estimated 64,000 civilian defense employees would be furloughed, and as many as 8,2000 children could lose access to preschool.

Washington has been paralyzed over negotiations of the so-called sequester cuts as Friday’s deadline approaches, with Republicans and Democrats blaming each other for the standoff.

The White House’s efforts to renegotiate those cuts — and to include a series of tax increases on the wealthy to offset some of those reductions, comes as Gov. Jerry Brown and other state leaders head to the White House on Monday to meet with President Obama.

Brown has said that the reductions could hurt the state’s economy, and underscore the need for state lawmakers to “hold the line” on new spending.

You can see a full list of the cuts in California here.


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