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'Biggest Loser': Alex says losing weight at home easier than at ranch

February 26, 2013|By Rene Lynch
  • Alexandra Reid aims to be 140 pounds by the finale.
Alexandra Reid aims to be 140 pounds by the finale. (NBC )

"The Biggest Loser" race sees this happen every season. Someone loses a jaw-dropping amount of weight -- and still goes home. This season, this week, it was Alexandra Reid.

The 24-year-old legal assistant from Carrollton, Texas, lost eight pounds -- eight pounds! -- but it wasn't enough. She fell below the yellow line and was eliminated. 

Speaking during a media conference call Tuesday morning, Alex said she continues to lose weight at home -- and finds it far easier to do so at home than at the ranch where personal dramas can swirl.

"It's a lot easier being at home and just focusing" on yourself, Alex said.

She started at 240 pounds, is down to 170 pounds, and aims to be 140 pounds by the finale. She is keeping to a strict diet and working out at least four to five hours a day -- two hours in the morning, two more hours later in the day and another hour on many evenings.

Alex said her workouts are inspired in part by the show: As she watches the show on TV, she uses that episode's workout to create her own. Remember when Jillian was on her tail for not running at a particular speed for five minutes? Alex now does that speed for up to 20 minutes -- just to prove to herself she can.

Alex said she struggled with constantly being compared to others, and that was often a source of friction at the ranch. (Like when Jillian would tell her she needed to keep up with the others, such as Gina.)

"I no longer let the judgments of other people bother me the way they used to in the past," she said. 

Alex says she plans to pursue law school. No doubt, she has the smarts and the verbal skills to carve out a successful legal career for herself. And if she wears that firecracker red suit to court, no doubt she'll win each and every case. Alex, you look like a million bucks!

Alex had no problem accepting -- unconditionally -- Gina's apology. "I think Gina was going through a lot on the ranch," Alex said. That included being emotionally distraught over missing her husband and kids. "I think she was emotionally in a bad place.... That was the only way she knew how to deal with it."

It would just be nice for Gina to stop acting like a drama queen. Why choose that role, when she could be a hero to millions of Americans, showing them how a 47-year-old woman can kick butt and take names and keep up with competitors half her age?


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